A tale of two Jens


      To the dismay of 1,405 women (and one man), I did not change my surname when the Massachusetts court system pronounced me divorced.

      It was something I never even considered.  I have been Jennifer Graham for nearly 20 years and never much liked my maiden name anyway. Besides, my four children are all Grahams, and our snowman-making kit says we’re the Graham family, as does the Christmas-tree skirt, and in matters of such import, I cede authority to the monogrammers at Land’s End.

      So, no, I expect to be Jennifer Graham forever, and I’m sorry about that, Jennifer Phillips Graham.

      This other Jennifer Graham is a writer with four kids, too –though I am thankful she is in Ohio, a safe distance away.  She came across my work via Google one day, and sent me a bright, funny email, which led to others, and so we’ve become friends.

      A few years older than me, JPG calls herself “the original” Jennifer Graham, a distinction that is technically correct, but morally wrong, so I just call her “Jen 1″ or JPG.

    For all I know, Jen 1 is  really an evil genius who befriended me only so I will bequeath her my dot-com domain name when I pass.  If so, the plan is working; it’s hers unless someone else offers me a million dollars and a year’s supply of second-cut hay.

      Anyway, last week, JPG wrote a column about names, in which she mentions me.  At the risk of losing my tens of readers to another Jennifer Graham, here it is:


    Funny stuff. Well, except for the www.howmanyofme.com website, which she blatantly stole from me.  But can Jennifer Graham plagarize Jennifer Graham? Without prior knowledge, could anyone even tell our work apart? I’m betting not, and plan to collect the links to her best bylines and add them to my website.  It’ll make her life that much easier when she takes over my domain name.  Which will come, by the way, with a couple of donkeys, and maybe a snowman-making kit.

5 thoughts on “A tale of two Jens

  1. this is very funny, jen1…and jen2’s column is pretty much a hoot too.

    the original diane lore in the ATL, with a nod to the diane lore who is also a journalist in staten island…


  2. I love this post! Of course, I immediately clicked on howmanyofme.com and searched by my maiden name. Only 3 of us in the entire US. Then I searched on my married name….965 of us. What a dilemma!!! I would rather go by the “unusual” name where there is only 3 of us. My husband just won’t understand! He is stuck with the “common” name. I was too chicken when I got married to speak up and say I want to keep my name! But I did and I still do. Once again Jennifer…your blog will make for another sleepless night!


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