About me

I’m a writer, runner, mom x4, compulsive rescuer of animals (sometimes to their detriment), Sabbath keeper and ardent fan of state fairs. My day job is at The Deseret News, where I cover health and wellness.  I also review books for The Hippo in southern New Hampshire.

I live a couple of miles from the starting line of the Boston Marathon, which I plan to run when I’m 90.  I left Hopkinton once but moved back two years later because I believe no matter how far you’ve gone down the wrong path, you should always turn back. Also, because while I was gone, Boston finally got a couple of Chick-fil-As.

There are 1,084 Jennifer Grahams in the US.  I’m pretty sure I’m the only one with donkeys.

You can reach me at byjennifergraham@gmail.com, where I’m still waiting for my farm to come in.