Just add sheep

We don’t have sheep. We have cats, and a Border collie, and donkeys. (Long, horrifying story told here.)

So what’s with the sheep on the landing page?

Well, we’d like sheep, but our poorly trained dog would turn them into mutton.  More importantly, this is my philosophy:

When things get hard, most of us cast about desperately, looking for ways to make things easier. But there’s another way.  Make things harder.  Then the originally difficult thing becomes easy, and over time, you get tough as refrigerated taffy.

Think having one surly teenager is difficult?  Have three.

Think running four miles in 90 degrees is hard? Pick up a heavy rock and continue your run.

Think having two cats, two donkeys and a border collie is exhausting? Just add sheep.


One day, I really do want to add sheep.  Possibly a goat.  Our border collie needs something to do.

Meanwhile, ears to good friends:    Meet Jo-Jo and Foggy.

They’re like big, goofy dogs with exceptionally long ears.  And they’re fun to decorate for Christmas. merrydonkeys