It’s 3:00. Do you know where your donkey is?

         That’s what a local radio station is playing, followed by a bray, as the introduction to the song “Dominick the Italian Christmas Donkey.”

       The first time we heard it, my 9-year-old daughter and I howled with laughter, particularly in light of this:

                                                                                                                                                                                For the record,  I would like to point out an error.  Contrary to implication, said officers did not assist in the re-homing of the donkeys.  Never even saw ’em.   Aided by a neighbor with a bag of apples, we apprehended them ourselves.

     The last time Jo-Jo and Foggy had an excellent adventure,  we took blueberry pies to the neighbors whose lawns they desecrated.  I am beginning to think that people are letting them out while we’re not looking in hopes of getting a pie.

    Incidentally, I’d never heard that “Dominick the Donkey” song before we moved to New England.  Must be an Italian thing.  Or maybe it’s new, and I’ve just been out of the South too long.   Question for you Southerners:  Are your Christmas stations playing this song?    Here’s a YouTube version of it:

3 thoughts on “It’s 3:00. Do you know where your donkey is?

  1. Hmmm…”The Weasel” has got nothing like that playing here in Charleston!!! Who knew there was even an Italian Christmas Donkey!!

    Seems like we might need those two rascals to test our new fence? Wanna bring ’em to the new West Ashley Donkey Resort this summer…we LOVE pie 🙂 …..just kidding that would be a heck of a trailer-ing experience could you imagine the two of them on I-95….!!


    1. A new fence ….. oh, I am so jealous. I look at fencing the way most women look at jewelry. And yes, I PRAY they will get to make that trip down I-95 some day!


  2. OK,. I’ve always heard of Dominick the donkey. Our stations don’t play it as much as the other songs but I have heard it recently. I’ll poll my children and see if they remember it.


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